Rotate Antispam

RotateAntispam is a library that is used to create powerful anti-spam protection. Version 1.00 includes windows generation with randomly rotated picture and user response checking. The author of this library is Igor Mino, but the author of the original idea (use of image rotation as anti-spam protection) is Daniel Ivaniš.

An instance of an object RotateAntispam does not require any additional external libraries, but the HTML and JavaScript output requires Raphaël JavaScript library, that is freely available from In RotateAntispam version 1.0 is used Raphaël library 2.0.2.

In the next window you can test how RotateAntispam works. Entered data are not recorded or sent anywhere. Antispam will be shown after form submission.

Example form

Name and surname
Please rotate the image into a horizontal position.
This protection is currently used by:,,,,